Monday, March 29, 2004 - Kerry adapts policies, Bush resists changes:
"Imagine that there was just a snowstorm up in Vermont, that the ski conditions are spectacular, that you have no plans or commitments for the weekend, and that your friends are all clamoring for a ski trip. Under these circumstances, you might very well decide to hop in the car and start driving north to ski country. But what if it recently rained, the ski slopes are full of bare patches, and you have a major paper due the Monday after your potential trip? Would you still go skiing that weekend? Probably not...At the current political moment, it's clear which presidential candidate would go skiing regardless of the changed circumstances, and which candidate would evaluate the new facts and change his mind."

Here's the problem, Nick: if you're a leader, you lead. You decide what the climate is, and you make a choice. To my way of thinking, Bush would hear a forecast of a big storm, try to drive in before it hit, and be sitting pretty if it turned out to be true, with a great day of skiing ahead of him. If it rained, and the slopes weren't quite as good, maybe he'd go antiquing instead.

Kerry, by way of contrast, would drive to the Massachusetts border, turn around and drive halfway back, change his mind and drive up to Vermont. Then he'd see the rain, drive back through the night, call a press conference and say "I was never in Vermont, and I never intended to go. After all, I have a paper due on Monday."

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