Monday, March 01, 2004

Two Pieces of GOOD News from Iraq
A Revival for Iraq's Oil Industry as Output Nears Prewar Levels
Iraq Coalition Casualties: Casualties for February total 23, down from 52 in January. That's an average of .79 per day versus 1.68 per day, versus 3.67 per day back in November. You think we'll see front page news on this? Probably with the headline "Fewer Casualties Blamed on Shorter Month."

UPDATE: Oh, and, scanning that second link even further, I should acknowledge that those numbers are deaths, not casualties. Total casualties, both hostile and non-hostile are down to 134 from 187, from a peak of 422 in October.
And, on the oil numbers, to quote Andrew Sullivan: "Fingers crossed. I have, naturally, a question about this success. Could Halliburton have had anything to do with it?"

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