Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today's Political Diary copies... me??:
Leakage from the Kerry camp says the campaign will be motoring up a vice presidential vetting operation in two weeks, possibly with an eye toward an early naming of a second fiddle. Will it be John Edwards? It's hard to see why.

Mr. Kerry might like help with southern whites, but Mr. Edwards is no LBJ, lacking roots and machine enough even to deliver his native North Carolina. If Mr. Kerry is so hard up in the South, he might as well ignore the region altogether and focus elsewhere. Nor can Mr. Edwards claim any obvious support in the national Democratic machine: The Clintons certainly don't have a stake in him becoming more prominent than he already is.

But notice how well Mr. Kerry did in the crucial November state of Ohio, even though Edwards supposedly had him beat on the trade-bashing issue. Mr. Kerry topped his rival by an impressive 52% to 34%. Mr. Kerry's fat was pulled out of the fire partly by Dick Gephardt, who gave him cover on Nafta, etc. Overnight, Mr. Gephardt becomes the odds-on favorite for the Veep nod. (Teddy Kennedy probably doesn't want the job and would never be asked, but Mr. Kerry also owes him big-time too for turning around his campaign before Iowa).
[emphasis added]

Remember folks, you heard it here, first.

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