Tuesday, March 30, 2004

OpinionJournal - What's up with oil: A guide to why prices are so high: "New York's Charles Schumer and Barbara Boxer of California are attacking the decision to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and demanding that the White House release some oil. Just how releasing only 0.15% to 0.2% of the world's oil market will push down gasoline prices by 25 cents a gallon, the Senators don't reveal."

Kerry proposed a comprehensive energy policy the other day, including a 50 cent increase in gasoline taxes. You can calculate how much this will cost you here.

These facts, along with Bush's very effective recent TV ads, are probably behind the recent polling data which puts Bush back ahead of Kerry for the first time in over a month. Oh, and, we might like to remember that I pointed out Kerry would go ahead of Bush when he sewed up the nomination, fall back before the convention, surge ahead again at the convention and possibly when he names a running mate, and fall back through the rest of the summer. Let's see what happens.

UPDATE: CNN just said that in the 12 states where Bush has been running ads, he was down by 12 percentage points one month ago. Now he's up by 6 points. In the 38 states where ads are not running, Bush was up by 1% a month ago, now he is still up by 1 point. An 18 point shift in states with ads, and no change where there are no ads. It seems that the Bush campaign has a handle on television.

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