Sunday, March 21, 2004

OpinionJournal - Extra: "The true problem with gay marriage is that it consigns gays to a life of mimicry and pathos. It shoehorns them into an institution that does not reflect the best possibilities of their own sexual orientation. Gay love is freed from the procreative burden. It has no natural function beyond adult fulfillment in love. If this is a disadvantage when children are desired, it is likely an advantage when they are not--which is more often the case. In any case, gays can never be more than pretenders to an institution so utterly grounded in procreation. And dressing gay marriage in a suit of civil rights only consigns gays to yet another kind of mimicry. Stigma, not segregation, is the problem gays face. But insisting on a civil rights framework only leads gays into protest. But will protest affect stigma? Is 'gay lovers as niggers' convincing? Protest is trying to hit the baseball with the glove."

An interesting thought, I hadn't considered. I'd recommend reading the whole thing, as it makes a good case as to why gay marriage is not a Civil Rights issue--an idea I agree with. This bit in particular grabbed me, though. It's an interesting idea that, while I think we should support gays' rights to marry if they so choose, they'll silly to want such inclusion. I need to let this marinate a bit further.

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