Monday, March 22, 2004

The OmbudsGod!: "An LA Times story, which also appears in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, recounts that the FBI was surveilling Vietnam Veterans Against the War at the time when John Kerry was their principal spokesman. Kerry is quoted as saying he is 'disturbed that it was all conducted absent of some showing of any legitimate probable cause. It's an offense to the Constitution. It's out of order.'

What the story doesn't mention is that the surveillance was conducted at a time when VVAW was seriously considering implementing the Phoenix Project, which was a plot to assassinate a number of pro-war officials, including Senators John Stennis, John Tower, and Strom Thurmond. The FBI reports place Kerry at the meeting where VVAW debated and ultimately decided not to implement the assassination plan. Kerry's spokesman, David Wade, has previously denied Kerry attended the meeting."

Wow. Seems to help support the idea that the only people with anything to fear from the FBI are the ones with something to hide.

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