Saturday, March 27, 2004

Off With Their Ads ( "Microsoft Corp. is the latest software concern taking aim at one of the great banes of online life -- those annoying ads for diet plans, credit cards and low mortgage rates that suddenly appear on your computer screen while you are perusing your favorite Web page, forcing you to click on them to turn them off.
The software giant is incorporating a new feature in its Internet Explorer browser that will automatically block the pop-up. While other companies have long offered this feature, Microsoft's action is significant because its browser runs on 90 percent or so of the world's personal computers."

When will Microsoft get out of my life? If I want to block pop-ups, there are plenty of ways for me to do so. I've discovered that the Google Toolbar is far and away the best method, plus it comes with the built-in blogging button. But I don't want it forced upon me. Why is Microsoft always so heavy-handed?

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