Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Empire Strikes Back - School Vouchers
I saw an old episode of the West Wing the other night, which fought whole-heartedly against school vouchers. But there was a newer episode the other week wherein the President caved and allowed DC to run a pilot program, at the urging of the Mayor and Charlie Young. If the West Wing has finally caved to the idea, maybe we're finally getting somewhere.

As far as Jesse Jackson fighting the program--of course! He knows just as well as I that as soon a poor black and latino kids start getting a decent education, they're going to look at him and see the idiot who's been manipulating the system for personal gain all along--not the public defender he likes to portray himself as. It'll be a great day when the current generation of black youths stands up and says "Enough Jesse, we'll represent ourselves, thank you very much. Oh, and Al, same goes to you."

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