Tuesday, March 02, 2004

CNN.com - Senate votes to reauthorize assault weapons ban - Mar. 2, 2004
Good for them. Or bad for them. I really don't care, because CT has its own assault weapons ban. And as far as the gunshow loophole? Fine, close it. I really believe that, if you need a gun for any legitimate purpose, you can wait a few days to get it. If it's urgent, maybe you shouldn't be getting that gun in the first place...

UPDATE: I thought about this a little more with respect to the Assault Weapons Ban. Considering this is a blog particularly concerned with political strategy, I think I should comment on the fact that this puts Bush in a bit of a tough spot. He has said that if the bill did not come through clean, he would veto it. He needs to veto it, then, and something tells me he won't. (Maybe the fact that he hasn't used his veto power ever.)

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