Wednesday, March 03, 2004 2004 Primaries
So, Kerry won every state except Vermont, which was won by the already departed Howard Dean. Looks like he's our nominee, folks. Georgia was close, if you consider 6 percentage points close. The Delegate Scorecard shows Kerry with 1219, and Edwards at only 409. Sounds like game over to me.

UPDATE: Silly me, I posted before reading the full news. The NYT says Edwards will announce his withdrawl this afternoon at his son's school. Tough race, my friend, and it'll hurt even more when you don't get the veep nomination. The good news is, you've set yourself up for a strong future run, with an actual shot at the nomination, as well.

Why, many of you may ask, do I think Edwards won't get the veep nod this time around? Think about it this way: if the general election is close, where will the Dems wish they'd spent more money? It won't be in the South, because the electoral votes they may win there won't be enough to swing the election. They'll be looking more towards Ohio, Missouri, and states more of that class. Who could win some percentage points in those states? Surprise! Dick Gephardt. This is all based on research and analysis currently being conducted by Alan Gerber, one of my professors.

I'll likely have some more commentary on these developments after my midterm later today, so check back mid-afternoon.

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