Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Apparently (*warning* shameless self-plug ahead) Akhil Amar, Constitutional Law scholar and professor at Yale Law School, lectured today on why he believes that in the next ten years we may see a successful amendment to the Constitution prohibiting gay marriage. My friend, Robby, was in the class, and said Amar used very similar points to what I said, mostly here, a month and a half ago. Amar believes that the country is not ready for gay marriage, and that attempts to force it through are likely to result in a backlash that could be strong enough to pass an amendment. Students objected to this, saying mostly "but we should be ready for it." Robby's thought was "we're all too ideological to realize that Brian is right." He has also concluded that I'll be successful because of my understanding of these issues outside of a classroom environment.

I'm flattered by Robby's comments, and his association of me with Professor Amar. I hope he's right about the successful thing.

End self-aggrandizing post.

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