Thursday, February 12, 2004 - Daily Dish: "PARANOID AFTER-THOUGHT: I was always a little suspicious about Terry McAuliffe's raising of the Bush National Guard AWOL issue. I wondered: why are they doing this now, rather than wait till later? Now I wonder if it wasn't a pre-emptive strike. Was it an attempt to ensure that Bush and his aides had decried 'gutter politics' in the week that the Kerry story was going to break? I don't know. But the timing is suspicious. Hyper-paranoid thought: were the dreaded Clintons behind this? It certainly makes the Kerry candidacy less secure, raises the likelihood of a brokered convention, etc etc... Take it away, Dick Morris! Here comes Rodham?"

Sobering thought. The Kerry story is a possible infidelity from the Drudge Report. This will have either a lot of fallout, or be gone in two days. I really can't tell which.

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