Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Tenet Outlines World Terror Threat for Senate (washingtonpost.com): "Beyond al Qaeda however, Tenet said, there is a continuing threat to the United States from a 'global movement infected by al Qaeda's radical agenda.' "

When I saw the link to this article from the Washington Post home page ("Tenet Warns of Terror Threat: CIA chief tells senate that Islamic extremists are U.S.'s biggest threat"), my first inclination was that the article would be absurd. Instead, I'm happier for having read it. FINALLY someone is saying that the Islamic terrorist threat is not monopolized by Al Quaeda. I remember when we broke up Ansar Al Islam in Northern Iraq, someone said to me "Who cares? It's not Al Quaeda, and Bush is just claiming a connection because it's an Islamic terrorist group." People are too quick to think that our only mandate is to destroy Al Quaeda, and they ignore the larger threat of radical Islam as a whole. Maybe this will start changing and we can actually begin to safeguard the world.
Next Stop: Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

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