Friday, February 20, 2004

OpinionJournal - Taste: "SMOKE GETS IN THEIR EYES: Though California already bans smoking in restaurants, bars and office buildings, there is one haven of liberty left: most of its state prisons. But that's all about to change if a bill that just passed the state Assembly becomes law. It's a second-hand smoke issue, say state authorities, who claim that the bill would improve inmate health and save the state a small fortune in related medical costs. But when the San Diego Union-Tribune asked a group of prisoners what they thought, they said it was the worst idea since the state abolished weight-lifting equipment a few years back. As one prisoner told the paper: 'I'm very hard to get along with when I can't smoke.' "

OK. Pure and simple: California has lost it. You really want to take away a calming influence from the prisoners? How about we take away their cable TV first?

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