Sunday, February 29, 2004

OpinionJournal - Extra: "In 2000, Mr. Nader's shrill mantra was 'Republicrat,' that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two nominees. That claim was dead wrong in 2000 and is ludicrous in 2004. Since George W. Bush took office, a budget surplus of $230 billion has become a deficit of $521 billion, 2.7 million jobs have been lost, clean air standards have been weakened, civil liberties have been trampled, long-time allies have come to mistrust us, and we've spent $150 billion and almost 600 lives in a war to protect us from weapons that didn't exist. Given the extremism of Mr. Bush's first term, imagine what a lame duck Bush would do."

1)If Barbara Bush started writing articles about her dad, I might die of laughter, so I must take Ms. Gore Schiff's comments with a grain of salt.
2)If Al Gore had managed to steal the election in 2000: we'd still have an equally large deficit, if not larger as he ratcheted up spending; by refusing the tax cuts, America's small business economy would have collapsed, and way more than 2.7 million jobs would have been lost; I can breathe just fine, and the reason they were lowered was because EPA data was released to suggest that the standards were higher than they needed to be and Treasury data suggested they were putting an undue strain on business; I have not felt my civil liberties decreased in the slightest, and if we're better able to prevent terrorism in this country by abandoning a few liberties, I'm all for it; what kind of ally is a country who fights you at every turn? And, finally; we fought the war to protect us from a man who might use weapons that might have existed (and everyone thought did). Now we're fighting to bring democracy and freedom to a people who deserve it as much as we do, and, should we succeed, who can use it to solve a lot more problems around the world by example. The $150 billion is a small price. The 600 lives is a priceless loss, which I regret, and I grapple with every day. BUT, if we do this right, it will go a long way towards making these actions unnecessary in the future.

If that's extremism, then I guess my mom's right, I am an extremist.

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