Sunday, February 29, 2004

Op-Ed Columnist: Sorry, Right Number: "Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, George Tenet was asked why the C.I.A. never picked up the trail of Marwan al-Shehhi, the pilot who crashed Flight 175 into the south tower on 9/11.
Thirty months earlier, German intelligence had passed on a hot tip to the C.I.A. -- the Al Qaeda terrorist's first name and phone number.
'The Germans gave us a name, Marwan -- that's it -- and a phone number,' the director of central intelligence replied, adding: 'They didn't give us a first and a last name until after 9/11, with then additional data.'
For crying out loud. As one guy I know put it: 'I've tracked down women across the country with a lot less information than that.'"

Yes, Ms. Dowd, it is very easy to track a woman down over the internet. Usually by using her role in the professional world, her use of email, or AOL, etc. However, this is in the case of a woman with a normal role in society. You can't pretend that these people had that, or that they weren't taking efforts to keep themselves off of everyone's radar screens. While I agree with your point that people need to be fired over the complete failure of 9/11, and while I'm similarly amazed that Tenet is still chief of the CIA, you're a moron. Case in point number 2:"It is a triumph of chutzpah for Mr. Bush to thwart the investigation into 9/11 at the same time he seeks re-election by promoting his handling of 9/11 and scaring us with the specter of more terrorism. He's even using 9/11 memorials as the backdrop for his convention in New York."

Hmm. Clearly not possible that he learned a lesson and doesn't want to pay the price for the old way he operated, right? Maybe ol' George W. has figured out that they blew it before 9/11, and his goal now is to prevent another one? That might make a bit of sense. At the same time, he doesn't want to lose an election because he takes the blame for an event that he now spends a lot of effort trying to prevent from repeating. And, the Democrats worked just as hard to schedule their convention for NYC after 9/11, my dear, so shut up. Point 3: "'To declare war on terrorism, it seems to me to have the target wrong,' he said. 'It would be like after the 7th of December, 1941, declaring war on Japanese planes. We declared war on Japan. We didn't declare war on their tactic. . . . Terrorism is a tactic.'"

To be fair, this is not Ms. Dowd, but she does still choose to repeat this idiotic Bob Kerrey quote. Sorry, our semantics aren't quite right. When we say we've declared war on "terror," yes, you're right, we should say we've declared war on "those who use terrorism to further their goals, so that we might prevent anyone from using this particular tactic." Funny, somehow that just doesn't sound as nice. And it seems that could be conveyed by the first way of saying it. Unless you're a moron like Ms. Dowd who really ought to shut up unless she can make a coherent article on a slightly higher plane than semantics... without making things up.

Sorry. I shouldn't have made the mistake of reading a Dowd column. I should know better.

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