Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Michael Novak on Iraq & Combat Casualties on National Review Online (via InstaPundit): "These 343 (not 500) combat deaths, furthermore, need to be set in context. During 2003, the number of homicides in Chicago was 599, in New York City 596, in Los Angeles 505, in Detroit 361, in Philadelphia 347, in Baltimore 271, in Houston 276, and in Washington 247. That makes 3,002 murders in only eight cities."

Worth reading the whole thing.
BUT, the media has jumped to 500 deaths, ok, it's only 343 combat, and 498 total; their point is still not that far off. Also, how many non-coalition deaths have there been in Iraq? 500 is not the murder rate in Iraq, it's the soldier death rate.

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