Thursday, February 19, 2004

Michael Ledeen on Iran on National Review Online: "Demonstrations five days ago in the western city of Marivan were so potent that the regime sent helicopter gunships to shoot down protestors, and there are reports that members of the regular armed forces joined the demonstrators."

Go Iranians! I met the Shah of Iran (the son of the Shah who was forced out, who died a few years ago) two years ago. What he described as the state of his people, and what I've seen in the blogosphere has me fully behind Iranians fighting for their own freedom. It also reminds me a bit about what my cousins (in the Elizabethan sense) in Hungary did in 1956, only there's no Soviet Empire to crush these voices. I'll be praying mighty hard over the next few weeks that these protests continue with some success. These people deserve freedom.

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