Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hussein's Regime Skimmed Billions From Aid Program: "Millions of Iraqis were struggling to survive on rations of food and medicine. Yet the government's hidden slush funds were being fed by suppliers and oil traders from around the world who sometimes lugged suitcases full of cash to ministry offices, said Iraqi officials who supervised the skimming operation."

To anyone who advocated the removal of sanctions towards Iraq, I make two points:
1) If he was skimming this much off of the Food-for-Oil program, wouldn't he just skim even more once sanctions were lifted? (which would give him more money to spend on trying to develop WMD, and on hiding it from the rest of the world, therefore making him a larger threat)
2) You were on the same side as Saddam, and, particularly in Britain, he was even helping fund your efforts--with the money he was skimming from his own people. That must make you feel good.

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