Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hour of the Gunmen in Haiti: "The United States needs to take the lead in protecting the Haitian people from the growing anarchy around them. There is much that Washington could do."

How dare we? We don't have France's permission yet. We can't intervene without a full international consensus. We've no right.
No, wait, I wrote that before reading the whole thing. Here's some of the rest: "The United States should quickly offer to build up the current force of 50 marines who arrived Monday to protect the American Embassy and make it the core of a multinational stabilization force that would also include soldiers from France, Canada and Latin America. Haiti's army was dissolved in 1994, and a modest international military force could go a long way. "

I'm sorry, we do have France's permission, so the NYT thinks it's ok. Apparently that's all we need to call it an international force. If we used Britain and almost all of Eastern Europe instead, we'd just be unilateralist, right?

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