Friday, February 27, 2004

Clinton and the Draft? From today's Political Diary: In a speech this week to the Brookings Institution, Ms. Clinton said the all-volunteer military "raises serious questions in a democracy, both (about) how we define ourselves (and) what the real risks politically and militarily of taking action might be." She said that getting rid of the draft in the 1970s made it "easy for decision makers just to try to keep (the military) out of sight and out of mind."

If Hillary comes out to support reinstating the draft, which her husband dodged, I'm going to have some problems with it. Also, I think the all-volunteer aspect of our military lends to its strength and effectiveness. However, I could be in favor of a draft under one circumstance - instead of a "luck of the draw" draft, I would support universal military service. It'd be a bit unwieldy in such a large country, and probably prohibitively expensive, which is why I wouldn't propose the idea. However, if the country were to demand some sort of draft, I think this would be the only option.

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