Tuesday, February 17, 2004

And on the Left, I'm the Washington Post
Can someone explain to me why the Washington Post, which completely ignored the possible Kerry infidelity story last week, published front-page story about her denial this week? All the bureau chief can say (via today's Political Diary) is: "All we have at the moment is that the woman's parents, who are Republicans, don't like Senator Kerry. In any case, nobody would be too shocked if Kerry lied about an affair. Even if someone came to us with photographs we still wouldn't run it. Lying to Don Imus is not a federal offense."
It seems to me that the Washington Post's only mandate is not shocking people. I don't think that anyone was "shocked" when Kerry won New Hampshire, but they covered that, didn't they? Now, I don't want to start shouting "Liberal bias," before I give the Post time to respond, BUT, since the Post doesn't read this blog, LIBERAL BIAS, LIBERAL BIAS, LIBERAL BIAS.

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