Wednesday, January 28, 2004 | 2004 New Hampshire Presidential Primary Results

The globe's comprehensive list of New Hampshire Democratic and Republican primary results. Some interesting information, particularly in the write-ins on the Republican side - that's a bit scary.
What I want to point out, though, is the difference between Clark and Edwards. When I last checked, 97% of districts had reported, with a total of 217,346 Democratic votes cast. Clark squeaked ahead of Edwards with 705 votes, or, 0.32% of the total vote.
This tells me a few things: 1)Clark's campaign is imploding now that a "stop Dean" candidate is unnecessary, and b)Edwards could still have a shot with a strong Carolina showing, but he needs to make sure that he doesn't get pulled into a race with Clark. He needs to win there strongly enough that people don't say "well, he's still not as strong as Kerry in the rest of the country," or he might be marginalized as Clark's counterpart. If that happens, he's done for.

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